A Day Late and A Day Early

Good evening everyone. I say everyone, because I hope that someday I am speaking to the masses and we are sharing our lives. We are people on a journey together and I would like to make the world a better place by working together to lift one another up.

However, life isn’t always pretty is it? We suffer hurts, setbacks, confusion and an awry of difficult times; illness and yes even death. Have you experienced any of these things lately that you would like to share? I am not looking to here from simply single moms in a seat that is similar to mine. I would love to hear from you as well, but I would like to hear from everyone. Men sitting at home wondering where the road seemed to go the wrong way. They young mother who is not sure this is the dream that she had for herself. The unadult getting ready to graduate and decide what in the world is next. The university student who wonders if anyone cares that I am so lonely, and that I am dealing with something that is completely over my head and I don’t know where to turn to. The young pregnant teen who, while so deathly afraid to face their parent, so desperately need their love and support right now. To the mothers that have done this by themselves when those parents who did find out so long ago, couldn’t bring themselves to give you that love and support. Are you struggling with you faith? Your sexuality? The bullying at school or in the work place. Are you struggling in a country a city or a town who is not allowing you to be who you are and have put in you a space where you are fearful. You are not alone and together we can support one another to face the day and see the sun of tomorrow. Because there is sun and beauty tomorrow.

We need to change a lot of the ugly in this world and if I can help you and we can help eachother and others, there is so many things that we can do. I promise you. I speak of faith, because I am a woman of faith, however, my view of God and the love of the Alpha and the Omega and there are a lot of people that will not agree with me, and that is okay. I am not here to try to find out which religion God wants us to be a part of. I am here, on this earth, to do His work and that is to be kind and spread love. Peace to you all.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of my Irsh Friends that the ones who wanted to be last night. Happy Birthday to all of the amazing people that I share my birthday with as we go forth tomorrow turning another year greater!


About lookingtoreachtheworld

I am a 38 year old single mom, who has spent the last 18 years raising the most amazing son, but am finding myself a little lost in what my next stage in life is, so I hope to reach other women like myself, but also to speak to the world about hope love and our responsibility to be a difference in the world, which doesn't necessarily mean on a big stage, there are many little stages that need to be played on.
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